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    Best Resorts in Bangalore for a Day Outing

    Aromas of Nature ! Going Eco !

    When nature meets serenity you know you are in Bangalore Dream resort. Come and embrace the lush greens not often found in the city and get in touch with yourself. Here you can go for nature walks, try your hand at adventurous sports or enjoy camping in the night under the watchful gaze of the stars. 

    The sky is the limit at Bangalore Dream Resort as you can check out the many activities we offer. Bring your family or your loved one with you and have that special weekend you have always wanted. 

    Corporate Events

    The art conference rooms equipped with all modern facilities

    Destination Weddings

    Stand out from the crowd by having a destination wedding at our resort


    Stargazing at night around a bonfire makes for a truly unique experience.

    Weekend Getaway

    come explore what nature has in store for you. Reconnect with the simple pleasures of life here.

    Day Outings

    Concrete jungle and indulge in activities that are more up your alley.

    Team Outings

    Many interesting activities you will only wish that the day never comes to an end.

    Adventure Activities

    Have a blast of adventure and rediscover your wild side with us,Test your mettle with our adventure .

    Nearby Attractions

    Come and explore these nearby attractions to the city that are only a stone throw away.


    You should give it a try on our bikes or cycles and get a taste of the adventure.

    The Best Holiday Resort Bangalore

    Destination Weddings

    Destination weddings are a global trend that is fast catching up in India especially Bangalore. A destination wedding is a wedding planned well in advance usually in a picturesque location. Hindu weddings can easily be performed at resorts making this type of wedding all the more popular.

    What makes us the best choice for your destination wedding?

    Every couple imagines being married in a special location. It has taken them a lifetime to reach this moment, which is their day. Dream Resorts is aware of the emotions involved in weddings and appreciates the effort required to organise and execute a perfect wedding.

    Weekend Getaway

    A weekend getaway is where one escapes the boring rut of a city to a place where they want to enjoy, vacation and relax. Bangalore may be an IT hub, but it is also surrounded by abundant nature and lush greenery. There are many options for weekend getaways that bring you closer to nature. A typical weekend getaway consists of activities like relaxing at a spa, getting close to nature and having scrumptious food. Bangalore dream resort is located away from the city on sprawling acres of land surrounded by lush greenery and nature and we offer tranquility and peace to our guests.

    Our serene atmosphere takes the city out of you and instills you with peace and tranquility.


    Spa is the healing system practiced by ancient Indians. Spa Massage therapy is also part of Ayurvedic massage. Spa centers offer massages for both healing and relaxation. Oils are used based on the dominated energies of the receiving body. Ayurvedic massage has many benefits to it and its existence for thousands of years.

    The therapist also suggests a suitable diet and a few lifestyle changes which prove beneficial to the receipt. There is no recovery time for ayurveda massage so can continue the routine day-to-day life activities. Ayurvedic massage therapy reduces the inflammation caused by stress. It also improves the mobility of new joints.


    Corporate Events

    Corporate events are the backbone of the corporate industry. It is a place where people of the company or industry gather to participate in various activities. These activities are intended for stakeholders, employees, the public or can even be a charity event. Many of these events also recognize the efforts of the workforce and appreciate them for all that they do. Corporate events provide an outlet to break out from the routine.

    They also help your employees interact better and break their monotonous work life. The stakeholders and shareholders will appreciate conducting board meetings and general meetings in a relaxed space 

    Day Outings

    A day outing is a great way to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. From nature walks to adventure sports, a day outing can be customized to your liking. Day outings provide more opportunities than a regular outing to socialize and interact with your near and dear ones. A day out is your special day that is customized to your needs and specifications. Filled with your favorite activities it can boost your morale and improve your productivity at work. It also provides a great opportunity to bond with your family and friends  and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.Bangalore dream resort is one of the most sought after resorts in Bangalore. 

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