Adventurous resort team outing

Adventure, the very meaning of this word is an exciting journey. And a great way to have an adventure near Bangalore city is to have a team outing at our resort that is filled with many adventure activities and games.

Team outings are a great way to network and form bonds with peers and colleagues outside the office space. This fosters great relationships which have a direct positive impact on work. Adventurous activities can be a one day team outing or they can involve overnight stay. These activities encourage team building amongst your employees as they rely on another to complete the games.

In the next section, we have discussed the facilities and services available at our resort Bangalore Dream resort.

Adventurous resort team outing

When we say adventure, many  things come to mind. A thrilling and fun experience. Something that is out of the box. A nice break from the monotony of the work week. All these are part of the adventure activities and games we have at our resort. So is safety. We offer many adventure games to our guests and one thing common all these activities share is our commitment to safety.

When you play games like paintball and zipline with your employees it encourages you to communicate better with them, strategize and build better team building skills. We provide all the equipment and props required for these games and you don’t need to bring anything. Activities like treasure hunt and escape rooms motivate your employees to think differently and this enhances their problem solving skills.

Adventure games are a great way to practically impart important values to your employees in a fun filled way without being taxing.

The best resort for corporate outing

Bangalore Dream resort is a highly rated resort situated on the outskirts of Bangalore. Away from the traffic and commotion of the city, here our guests will be surrounded by greenery and nature helping them unwind and relax.

Our resort is the best resort for corporate and team outings because we have all the facilities including conference rooms where you can hold many corporate events. Equipped with the state of the art facilities these conference rooms are a good place to hold board meetings and shareholder meetings as well.

That’s not all we provide one day team outings as well as overnight team outings. For your corporate team outing you can choose to hire your own trainer or can hire our trainers and pick any adventure activities to make the day all the more exciting and fulfilling. And to complete the day you can customize the menu to your liking and the food will be prepared accordingly.

We offer facilities like locker rooms and for overnight stay all our rooms are equipped with fast internet connections so that you are always connected and on the go. So, plan for a day and fill it with fun filled adventure activities and book our resort.


A little bit of adventure is required and it will help you and your employees to break from the rut of urban life. Our resort is located on sprawling acres of land and offers just the space and facilities required to have an adventurous resort team outing. Employees of all age groups are welcome and everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. Here your employees can breathe in the fresh air, unwind and relax. So, book our services in advance and select a day that is convenient to you and your employees and do visit us to enjoy a day filled with fun and adventure.

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