Budget Resorts in Bangalore for day outing

Whether it’s a holiday season or not we all find excuses to rejuvenate ourselves and what way could be better than a day outing in a resort. As we work hard during the week juggling the grind with finesses and flair it goes without saying that at the end of the tough work week we have certainly earned our time off.

Not being a holiday season shouldn’t stop us from planning and recharging ourselves and a day outing is a great way to do that. Going to resorts may sound expensive but in reality there are many budget friendly resorts in Bangalore that this option just turns out to be the best one.

Many resorts offer a unique experience that cannot be seen anywhere else and they are all very pocket friendly. In the next section, we have listed some of the best budget resorts in Bangalore which are perfect for day outings.

The best budget resorts in Bangalore for day outing: 

Bangalore Dream Resort: A highly sought after resort this is the best budget resort near Nandi hills which offers a picturesque view of the hills. Here, you can try many activities like camping, adventure sports, and several indoor and outdoor games. There is a spa and wellness center as well and you can rejuvenate yourself here. Perfect resort for a day outing, if you want to try your hand at different activities then don’t give this place a miss.

Guhantara Resorts India’s first underground cave resort: It is a fully functioning underground resort in the country and is located in Kaggalipura. The guests get to stay underground in caves in this resort. They also have many activities like rain dance, tunnel trekking, horse riding, etc. They also have a spa called the Agastya Kuteera which offers the best services. There is a natural waterfall and a man made lake that adds to the beauty of this place.

Jain Farms Bangalore Day out: Jain Farms is a unique resort built in the heart of nature. With many activities you get to experience bullock cart rides, horse rides, etc and it is open to any age group. Known for world class vegetarian food this resort teaches what simple living is all about. They even have a petting zoo and your kids certainly won’t be disappointed when they visit this resort.

The Country Club: This resort is located in Sarjapur Main Road, and it has world class halls and rooms along with a striking gym and a health spa. They also have a luxurious swimming pool where you can take a relaxing swim. You can enjoy many indoor and outdoor games there and the lunch buffet is something you cannot afford to miss. 

Urban Valley Resort, Vaderahalli Village: The Urban Valley Resort makes use of nature surrounding it and is characterized by an in-built lake, with pine trees surrounding it. They  also have many adventure activities like biking sports, paintball, squash, basketball and wall climbing for the guests. Their beautiful swimming pool is hard to miss and the lush greenery takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Olde Bangalore Resort, Tharabanahalli: This is just the resort if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner. This pleasant destination also houses individual cottages so that you can get some privacy. You can also try your hand at air rifle shooting at this resort.

Wonderla Resort, Mysore Road: Located inside the very famous Wonderla Amusement park this resort offers you a glimpse into adventure and fun. Here you can check out the different rides in the amusement park and also enjoy a peaceful stroll in the vicinity of the resort. The resort is well designed and has the perfect ambience for serenity and tranquility. This resort is considered one of the best resorts for adventure activities.

Fantasy Golf Resort Shettigere Road: Situated just outside the Kempegowda International Airport this resort is perfect for people wanting to have their ideal day outing. If you are into sports and play many games then this resort is a must visit. It has amenities like a huge cricket ground, 5 a side football, water polo, volleyball and badminton courts and many more activities. They also have a yoga camp that will awaken the fitness junkie in you.

These are some of the best resorts in Bangalore that are very pocket friendly and allow you to enjoy a wonderful day outing.


A day outing is the way to enjoy your time off which you have earned after a lot of hard work. So, do not waste this opportune moment on mundane options and instead visit places that offer activities that align with your interests.

Contrary to popular opinion, resorts are not expensive and there are many budget resorts in and around Bangalore that will give you a unique experience and create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. So, do not waste any time and book a nice resort to have the best day outing with your family and friends.

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