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    Camping at Bangalore

    Camping is synonymous with adventure. If you have seen any Hollywood movie then you would have seen many scenes on camping. Camping certainly brings you closer to nature as it is an outdoor activity that takes place amidst a lot of greenery. It is a great way to celebrate everything natural and green as it allows you to admire the beauty of our planet and experience a great sense of well being.

    Camping is a recreational activity that takes place away from the crowded and polluted city. It is a good exercise in self reliance and it teaches important skills to survive like building a fire, pitching a tent, preparing food, etc. It also gives you self time, where you can be alone with your thoughts. Learning these skills boost your confidence and improve your mental clarity.

    So, if you are still wondering what camping is all about then we have provided a detailed explanation in the next section.

    Camping resorts in Bangalore
    Camping resort in Bangalore
    What is camping?

    Camping is an outdoor activity that usually involves staying overnight, away from home and tents are pitched to provide for basic shelter. Camping being a recreational activity, is customized according to the participants wishes. The purpose of camping is to pursue activities done in nature and leave the materialistic life of the city behind. 

    Camping offers a great outlet to disconnect from technology as well. Here, there will be no TV or other distractions giving you ample space and time to reconnect with nature.  It is the perfect way to undergo a digital detox. That is why camping means different things to different people.

    What does it involve?

    Camping is fast catching up in Bangalore as well. Though Bangalore is an IT hub where many companies operate it is still surrounded by beautiful nature, green hills and hillocks. Amidst all this beauty and greenery many camping sites have cropped up.

    A typical camping trip aims to bring you closer to nature. Surviving wilderness and admiring its beauty forms the crux of camping. This outdoor activity is made all the more safer with the help of equipment. 

    Bringing camping equipment like a tent, sleeping bags, pocket knife, portable stove, torch and batteries, match sticks, water, extra set of clothes suitable for all weather conditions, etc. makes the camping experience all the more pleasant. An emergency kit with all first aid essentials must be kept in handy just in case.


    Tents-camping In Bangalore

    Once you get to the campsite pitch your tent and make a provision for the fire. After this you are free to explore the wilderness and spend the rest of the day enjoying recreational camp activities. Camping can be done solo or with family and friends. Either way, both offer a unique experience which will bring you joy in unexpected ways.

    Tents-camping In Bangalore
    How to camp? 

    Camping can become difficult for beginners who are new to the whole concept. Any seasoned camper would agree that checking the weather beforehand is very necessary. 

    There are seasons for camping when the weather is conducive and packing many clothes that can be worn in all climates is one of the smart things to do. Bringing hats, sun protection, mosquito repellents, will help you survive the outdoors better.

    Planning is essential for camping and it cannot be done in a hurry as soon as you decide to camp. You need to make a list of things you will be carrying that day and being over prepared never hurts. Packing light should never be your goal and don’t listen to people who tell otherwise.


    Always carry a first aid kit with you having all the essentials. Having the basics to clean and bandage a wound is a great idea and can always come in handy. Pack items like phone and tablet chargers, and power banks so that you are never disconnected. Carry lanterns or lamps with you along with torches. Don’t forget the batteries! Never bring valuables to camping.

    Wherever you go camping it is always better and safe to arrive during the day. Pitching your tent in the dark can become a nightmare if you don’t have any experience and you are new to this. Doing this task in daylight is very conducive and can turn into a valuable experience.

    If you want to experience nature and wildlife then it is better to indulge in camping activities at a resort where they will guide you on how to go about it and the difficult aspects of camping are all taken care of by the staff. That way you get a good exposure to camping and you will be better equipped to try it on your own in the wilderness next time.

    The services we offer

    In our resort, Bangalore Dream resort, we do provide camping services. Here you can camp under the stars on our spacious lawns away from the dust and pollution of the city. This will  become an immersive experience for you because we do our utmost to do everything right.

    We provide the best camping services and our staff is dedicated and knowledgeable on the subject of camping. Your camping experience will be a pleasant one as all the meals will be provided by us. As soon as you check in and register yourself we will guide you to the area where you can pitch your tent. 

    You can participate in many activities both indoor and outdoor while you camp with us. We have a large swimming pool where you can go for a relaxing swim. You can take nature walks or check out our adventure sports. You can even try your hand at indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, foosball, billiards, etc.

    In the evening after hi-tea you can get ready for the bonfire activities. We will light a huge bonfire in our premises which will warm you up and make the camping experience all the more memorable. After dinner you can continue with the bonfire activities and camp with us in your tent. 

    camping resort in Bangalore
    Why choose us?

    We are the most sought after resort for camping. Our staff is well trained and can help you or guide when required. You will not have any difficulty while camping with us because our staff will take good care of you and provide the right assistance. This also includes helping you pitch your tent and giving you survival tips.


    That’s not all, our chefs are a team of professionals who are well trained in the art of cooking and can cook many dishes from different cuisines around the world. You can customize our menu according to your liking and we will take all the precautions necessary while cooking your food.


    Safety is very important when outdoor activities are involved. We take the safety of our guests very seriously and follow all safety procedures and norms. So, you can camp safely on our premises with peace of mind as we take all the precautions possible in terms of security. Our camp coordinators are well trained and have many years of camping experience and will be there to guide you and inform you on how to camp better. They will also be cognizant of your safety and will act proactively in case of emergencies.


    Camping is a fun activity which brings you close to nature and helps you reconnect with the wilderness. It is very much required in today’s time where we are all always surrounded by gadgets and technology. Appreciating nature is very important and should be taught to children as well. 

    Camping also teaches you important survival skills that can come in handy. It is a great idea to camp with us where you can get the taste of camping without the trouble. You can also learn survival skills and tips from us making your camping experience not only educational but all the more fulfilling. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and book our services in advance to have the best camping experience of your life. We look forward to having you as our guest

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there anything I need to carry to the campsite?

    When you book our services we will provide you with a list of things you should carry to the campsite. Good trekking shoes, first aid kit, torches, batteries, and power banks, and seasonal clothes are a must. Review the rules of the campsite before going camping.

    Can you please share some tips regarding camping?

    Camping is a strictly outdoor activity and there are certain do’s and don’ts that will help you, especially if you are a beginner. 

    • Do reserve our camping services in advance
    • Check the weather beforehand
    • Always bring extra set of seasonal clothes
    • Follow the campsite rules
    • Don’t set your tent in the dark
    • Don’t forget the first aid kit

    Are there any benefits to camping?

    Camping is a unique experience in itself and helps you in a lot of ways. Camping gives you peace and quiet, and not only helps you reconnect with nature but you can also reconnect with yourself. It is a great way to detox yourself from the digital life. Being outside helps you absorb more sunlight, boosting the Vitamin D production in your body.

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