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    Corporate Events Resort Bangalore

    Corporate events are the backbone of the corporate industry. It is a place where people of the company or industry gather to participate in various activities. These activities are intended for stakeholders, employees, the public or can even be a charity event as well.

    Most companies and corporations regularly hold corporate events for different stakeholders and with different purposes. That’s not all going by the recent trends; it can be said that even famous business schools too have started mimicking corporations and hold corporate events regularly to give the taste of corporate life to their students. 

    It is common to see these events happening and many of them even occur on a regular basis. From small companies to big corporations many of them regularly hold these events without fail. So, if you are a business owner then you might also want to look into this trend.


    Corporate Events in banglore
    Corporate Events resort in banglore

    Why do companies conduct corporate events?

    Every company has a culture and abides by its own informal rules. When the corporate culture has values similar to the values of the employees then synergy occurs resulting in satisfied employees. Corporate events go a long way in bringing out this aspect and this is because it provides a venue for the activities listed below:

    • Corporate events are a great place to validate employees. Many of these events usually recognize the efforts of the workforce and appreciate them for all that they do. This is a great way to increase employee morale and boost their productivity.
    • It creates an informal atmosphere where employees can mingle freely with their peers and colleagues. It is also a great place to network and develop new professional relationships.
    • Corporate events are a place where milestones are celebrated. This is a place where you as a business owner can thank all of your key partners and stakeholders for their wonderful contribution in making the business a success and achieving all the important milestones. It is a place where you can show them how much you appreciate them.
    • Corporate events need not always be formal. They can be informal as well. Group retreats where the focus is on team building and getting to know the employees better help in better communication among the staff and increase their productivity.
    • Corporate events provide an outlet to break out from the routine. Following the same routine, day after day puts your employees in a rut as they have nothing to look forward to. Events like these recharge their creative juices and help them interact better and break their monotonous work life.
    • We all know corporate life carries some amount of pressure with it. So, a corporate event is the best way to recharge the energy of your employees and provide them an outlet to unwind and relax. This goes a long way in employee satisfaction as well.
    • All of the points mentioned above will play a huge role in boosting employee morale as the employees feel that the organization cares about their well being. The stakeholders and shareholders too will appreciate conducting board meetings and general meetings in the resort as they can take in all the information regarding the business in a relaxed space. 

    Events like these not only help your workforce but they also help your business achieve its goals and stay on track in the long run. Hence more and more companies conduct these events very often.

    How do we come into the picture?

    We are one of the best resorts in Bangalore. Looking at the growing trends in corporate culture and corporate life we started our resort that caters to many corporate events. Our mission is to provide the best experience to our clients and their employees. Our staff is experienced in hosting many events for different corporations and we can cater to your requirements exactly.

    We strive to make it as memorable for you and your employees and your satisfaction is very important to us. Surrounded by lush greenery our resort is steeped into nature as we are located away from the humdrum of the city. Our resort provides a soothing environment where your staff can relax and unwind. 

    Our services cater to both formal and informal events and we have the expertise to deliver according to your specifications. So, you can be assured that by booking our resort your employees will certainly have a good time. In the next section we have detailed the different services we offer.

    The services we offer

    We cater to both formal and informal events. For formal events like seminars we have various halls with different seating capacities. All our halls or conference rooms are equipped with state of the art facilities. Our projectors and audio systems provide crisp and clear audio and can be used for board meetings or any type of conference.

    We are meticulous in our planning and pay attention to every single detail. We organize everything for you leaving you no room for any worry. Our conference halls can be customized however you want and you can be rest assured that on the day of the event all your equipment will be functioning smoothly.


    That’s not all, we also provide team retreat. We have facilities where you can indulge in indoor games like table tennis, carrom, chess, etc. and we have facilities for outdoor games like badminton, basketball, throwball, volleyball, etc.  A swimming pool to beat the heat and an adventure course complete with a rock climbing wall so that your staff can take on some challenges.

    You can also go ahead and plan your team retreats by hiring professionals who will conduct team building exercises with your staff. We will allocate a dedicated space for this and the activities can take place in this space without any constraints. 

    We also cater customized meals. We have experienced chefs at our disposal who prepare lip smacking food and take care of all your food requirements. Our cooking staff is well versed in various cuisines and can whip up anything your employees fancy. Our aim is to provide the best hospitality to all our guests so that they can create lasting memories and will remember our resort and staff fondly.

    We are a one stop destination for both corporate events and team retreats. We provide the ideal space for both team outing and formal events like conferences and seminars. Many corporations regularly conduct board meetings in our relaxed environment which is a good blend of formal and informal atmosphere.


    Our resort is a unique place that can be customized however you want. We can host large events as well as small events with ease and efficiency. We help bring people together in an informal setting and are instrumental in helping them connect. There is a sense of freedom and peace in our resort that helps bring out the creative juices of your employees.

    Visiting our resort will break the rut of a daily routine and will be a welcome change in the monotonous work life of your staff. Here in our calm and serene surroundings they will be able to strategize better and you can conduct corporate events and meetings that will not only be productive but will also be very fruitful. So, what are you waiting for? Book our resort at the earliest to avail our facilities for the betterment of your staff and key stakeholders at budget friendly prices. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes your resort special?

    Our resort is special because we are flexible when it comes to catering to your needs and our dedicated and experienced staff leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making your stay memorable. Also we have top class facilities and our packages are reasonably priced as per the market trends.

    Do you provide food and accommodation for our support staff as well?

    Yes, we provide food and accommodation to your support staff like drivers as well. You need to share the details with us in advance while booking and we will make the arrangements accordingly.

    Do you have any facilities regarding lockers and luggage rooms?

    For overnight stay we provide locker rooms where you can keep your things safe. A separate luggage room is also available where you can leave your suitcases and bags temporarily. It works on a token system and you need to produce the token at the time of collecting your luggage.

    Are people of all ages welcome?

    Yes, people of all ages are welcome. From toddlers to senior citizens anyone and everyone can enjoy our facilities and have a nice time.

    Are pets allowed in the resort?

    We recognize that your pets are your family members and they too would like to have a nice time. Pets are welcome in our resort and our well trained dedicated staff will be more than happy to take care of them.


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