Day out places with swimming pool around Bangalore

Day outings are a fun way to spend time. Just like the name suggests day outings are outings that can be enjoyed and completed within one day without having to stay overnight. While you can go shopping, or clubbing in Bangalore city, a day outing brings its own set of recreational activities that are different from the usual entertainment options available in the city.

A good way to enjoy a fun filled day outing is by picking the right resort in Bangalore. Bangalore has many resorts and you should pick the one that matches your vibes the best irrespective of how many hours you are spending there. 

To help you select the best resort we have curated the top resorts in Bangalore in the next section.

The top resorts in Bangalore

If you want to create memories and have a blast then these are the resorts you need to consider for a day outing.

Bangalore Dream Resort:  The Bangalore Dream Resort is one of the most sought after resorts in Bangalore. Surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful landscape of trees this resort is a haven for people wanting to escape the city life and it offers you a glimpse of life outside the city while being within the city.  It has a huge swimming pool, a multi cuisine food court, spacious rooms equipped with all facilities, and many indoor and outdoor activities that you can indulge in. This resort has something for everyone and no one will be disappointed.

Guhantara Resort:  This resort is one of a kind exotic resort. It has a cave like theme and the guests of the resort get to stay underground making the experience all the more exhilarating. This resort also has a swimming pool and guests come here to escape the monotony of the city life. They also have many adventure activities like trampoline, zip line, Zorbing ball, quad bike, bull ride, horse riding, etc. You can enjoy any of these activities by paying a small deposit fee.

Mango Mist Resort: The Mango Mist resort is the perfect place for a lazy and relaxed day outing. The resort is located in a very secluded region that immediately takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. If you want to have the perfect family day outing then dont give this resort a miss. They have several sports and adventure activities,  a fish spa, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and halls to host family parties and get-togethers.

Jaladhama Resort: One of the best resorts in Bangalore with a rich history of 30 years this place has been providing world class hospitality and services since day one. Its serenity is unparalleled and it creates a soothing experience for all its guests. This place offers several sports and adventure activities including river cruises and boating. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and it takes you away from the bustling city.

Jain Farms: A perfect place for one day outing the Jain farms is built on a unique concept. If you want to explore the rustic side then certainly check out Jain Farms. This place is also very kid friendly and is very suitable for the elderly, so there is something for everyone. They offer horse rides, bullock cart rides, magic show, rain dance, trampoline, musical chair, splash pool and more. Also it is a haven for people who are vegetarians as they serve the best vegetarian food.

Eagleton Golf Resort: One of the top resorts in Bangalore the Eagleton resort is known for its vast green golf course and is a great place for a one day outing. They have a multi-level designer swimming pool, a wellness and fitness spa, and many more facilities making it an ideal place to relax and unwind. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can find calm and serenity in this resort.

Wild Valley Adventure Resort: Is the resort if you want to treat your wild side and check out some adventure games. This resort is a great place for a day outing and you can try many activities they offer here. They have high rope games, low rope games, trekking and cave excavation, zip line, rappelling, mud games, swimming pool with artificial wall and a bonfire.

Bangalore has many resorts that provide you many entertainment options that can be completed within one day so select the one that vibes with you the best.


A day outing can be made fun if planned well. You don’t have to settle for less by opting for the usual entertainment choices available in the city when you can plan well and go for activities that truly excites you and your family. 

So, select the right resort based on your interests and have a day filled with fun and joy. This way you end up creating memories that last a lifetime. Go ahead, and explore what all Bangalore city has to offer.

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