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    Destination Wedding Resot Bangalore

    Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. In our lives marriage is not only holy but also a big grand celebration. And a wonderful way of celebrating the union of two people and their families is through a destination wedding. Destination weddings are a global trend that is fast catching up in India especially Bangalore.

    A destination wedding is a wedding planned well in advance usually in a picturesque location and conducted in a resort in the presence of family and friends. It can be an intimate ceremony with only close ones invited or it can be a lavish wedding with many people invited.

    The appeal of a destination wedding has always been strong and many people are opting for this type of wedding. Even Hindu weddings can easily be performed at resorts making this type of wedding all the more popular. In the next section, the popularity of these weddings has been discussed in detail.

    Destination Wedding resort in Banglore

    Why is a destination wedding popular in India?

    Destination weddings put an interesting spin on a traditional wedding. It is different as it happens at a different scenic location and it is also the same as it takes into account the traditional rituals associated with a marriage. 

    One of the benefits of a destination wedding is the location. Most destination weddings happen at beautiful locations which hold a special place for the bride and groom and their families. The guests too can later tour the scenic place and make many memories with their loved ones. It also provides the right venue to capture some stunning wedding photos.

    Destination weddings are all about flexibility. You can design the wedding as per your wish. You can have an intimate ceremony involving only close friends and family members or you can go for a grand celebration inviting everyone you know. A destination wedding provides a great holiday experience not only for the couple getting married but for their guests as well

    Why should you select us for your destination wedding?

    Every couple dreams about tying the knot in a unique setting. It is their day, an occasion that took them a lifetime to achieve. We at dream resorts understand the feelings that go behind a wedding and know that it is not a small feat planning and preparing for a dream wedding.

    Here at our resort we aim to provide the celebrations that you had always hoped for. Our resort is a place surrounded by nature and abundant beauty and provides a great place for the bride and groom to escape from their monotonous and work related stress life. Marriage is the start of a new chapter in life and that is why this occasion is not only sacred but also very joyous.


    Wedding Resort in Bangalore

    At our resort you will find the flexibility you require to have your dream wedding. From outdoor weddings to weddings conducted on a mandapam we have all the facilities. We have spacious mandapams that are located in scenic locations and have great backdrops.

    We have a well trained staff with years of experience under their belt. They will cater  the wedding décor as per your requirement. You can also hire our in-house team of wedding planners who are very detail oriented and will plan every single step of the wedding for you leaving no room for any queries and last minute decision making. 

    Food plays an integral role in any wedding. Your guests will remember this aspect more than any other and talk about it for years to come. That is why along with a well trained staff we have professional chefs who are well versed in different cuisines and can cook accordingly. Be it for the main wedding or for the reception they will whip up the tasties of foods and dishes.

    A wedding is a grand event anticipated by one and all. And a wonderful way to preserve the memories of the day is by having a wedding shoot. Our videographer and photographer will capture these moments of joy artistically and you can relive these cherished moments for many years to come. Our resort provides the ideal landscape for excellent photos and videos which you can also upload on social media.

    No wedding is complete without guests. Be it a small wedding or a lavish one anyone would want to celebrate their special day with their loved ones. Depending on the package you avail from us we provide comfortable accommodation to your guests so that they can be with you on your day at all times. Our rooms are comfortable with well maintained soft beds. Overlooking the scenic resort your guests can stay happily in the rooms we have for them.

    Destination Wedding Resort in Bangalore

    The services we offer

    A wedding is usually considered an expensive affair. There is also a famous saying, “you will understand the importance of life only when you build a house or conduct a wedding.” But we at dream resorts want to offer our clients their dream weddings at a reasonable price. That is why we work with you on your budget to cater to your needs so that the wedding moves forward without a hitch. Also if you have a fixed budget we will fit in your requirements within that budget making it possible for you to have the wedding of your dreams

    Wedding invitations are crucial for any marriage. Our resort works with renowned vendors who will print the cards according to your specifications and will showcase a little bit of your personality to all your guests.

    The very crux of any wedding is the wedding rituals. We cater to all traditions and customs and when you book our resort we procure all the items required for conducting a successful wedding and arrange them as required.

    Every wedding has to have some music and entertainment to make it all the more memorable. Good music, good food and a scenic location are all hallmarks of a great wedding. That is why in our resort we have a separate arena complete with a dance floor for you and your guests to enjoy and dance to some great music. Our in house DJ will keep you entertained throughout the night. If you wish to collaborate with other artists you are welcome to do so and we will work with them to make your night unforgettable.

    Now to attend such a good wedding your guests should know when and where to arrive. Especially if they are arriving from other cities or countries to be with you on your special day. Our resort arranges for transport to and from the airport and will ferry your guests to the wedding venue as we have multiple travel solutions 


    Marriages may be made in heaven but they are certainly celebrated on earth. Marriages are special occasions in one’s life and bring a new chapter with them. It is a gateway to a different stage in life as you make the decision to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

    We know how important a marriage is and that is why in our resort we have a dedicated staff who work tirelessly to make your dream wedding come true. We provide all the facilities to conduct the wedding of your choice and our staff will go out of their way to cater to all your requirements and needs. So, do book our services and rest easy for you are in good hands and we will take care of everything for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can our wedding planners help you in planning your wedding?

    Nowadays, most brides and grooms have a lot of commitments in terms of work, friends, family, etc. and despite wanting a wedding of their dreams they are unable to pay it the attention they want. That is when our wedding planners step in and take care of every single detail from A to Z so that the happy couple can have their dream wedding, their families and guests are also satisfied and nobody needs to fret about the wedding. 

    In a destination wedding who pays for the guests?

    There is no hard and fast rule for this. Some people pay for the transportation of their guests and that includes plane or train tickets. Some only pay for their food and accommodation at the resort and the guests have to make the arrangements for travel. In both scenarios we do our best to help the guests feel comfortable and our hospitality staff will attend to their every needs.

    I want a destination wedding. When should I start planning for it?

    Immediately. As soon as you are confirmed that you want a destination wedding please start planning. Destination weddings depending on the destination you select can involve a lot of planning or very little planning. So, you need to keep in mind how you would like to proceed with your wedding and act accordingly. When you choose our resort for your wedding you can be rest assured that our wedding planners will take care of everything for you so making it hassle free as possible. 

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