Explore A Fun Overnight Team Outing In Bangalore

Team outings are a lot of fun and are highly anticipated by most employees. They provide a great outlet to foster bonds between peers, and learn important values practically. A good way to increase the morale of your employees is by taking them on a fun filled overnight team outing.

There are many resorts in Bangalore for a team outing but what makes our resort Bangalore Dream resort unique is we have a variety of adventure games and activities that aren’t found anywhere else and can be played in our premises. We have listed some of the activities we offer our guests in the next section.

Try Paramotor

Paramotor gives an amazing view of Bangalore. You can see the city from a bird eye view. Perfect for people who like adrenaline pumping adventure, at our resort you can fly over the city using  the paramotor. The paramount will be in the sky even when there are no uplift winds or a valley to launch this device. The powerful engine will thrust you and keep you in place in the sky so that you can get a great view of the city. This is a suitable option for experienced fliers. 

Kiss the Sky

Did you ever want to fly like birds? Ever imagined how it would be to have wings and soar to the sky? Then you are not alone. Many people have always felt this way and that is why parasailing comes very close to exploring this.

We provide parasailing facilities where your employees can set sail from the mountain cliffs designated for this activity. We provide the safety equipment for this and your employees will be accompanied with our instructors throughout the activity. They will not be parasailing alone.

When parasailing they can get to see the resort and the city from a bird eye view. This activity is very thrilling as it gives them the feeling of flying. They get to witness the beauty of the unexplored sky just like a bird.  After the activity is over they are brought down from the cliff. 

If the activities mentioned above are not to your liking then you need not worry as we have more adventure activities like treasure hunt, paintball, zipline, go karting, etc. which your employees can participate in. We have discussed them in the next section.

A Few Other Options

Paintball, laser tag are wonderful games for strategizing. These games naturally build team building skills. They also enhance the problem solving skills of your employees as they need to strategize to overtake the opponent’s team. Games like treasure hunt and zipline encourage your employees to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions.

At the end of the day by playing these games your employees would have a day filled with fun and adventure and would have learnt some valuable skills at the same time. This will have a positive impact on their work environment and their work.


Most corporations conduct team outings as they recognize the importance of these events and the benefits they bring to the workforce. Your employees will be able to break the monotony of constant work and hectic schedules and allow their creative juices to flow. These events help your employees to network and bond better with their colleagues and peers. 

So, if you want your employees to reap the numerous benefits of team outings then book our resort without delay. We will leave no stone unturned so that you and your employees can have a fun filled day with many adventure activities and games

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