High-Five Rule for Banquet Hall Booking

Corporate events like award ceremonies are a great way of recognizing your employees’ efforts and encouraging them to do better. Nothing speaks volumes like a well planned award ceremony. That is why these important events are conducted in banquet halls.

The selection of the venue is very important. Do you think your employees will feel appreciated after all the hard work they have put in if you conduct the ceremony in a rundown warehouse or a conference room? That is why a banquet hall plays a significant role in adding charm to any ceremony.

But your responsibilities don’t end at just booking a banquet hall. By booking a hall, everything will not go as planned. You need to look into various aspects when you are booking for a hall and this is where the high five rule comes to your rescue. 

Let’s take a look at this rule in the next section.

The High-five rule for Banquet hall booking

Here we have discussed five rules you need to keep in mind to book the best banquet hall.

Offerings:  For a successful ceremony, technology plays a crucial role. Having big screens with projectors is necessary for you to display the names of all your employees. The venue must be equipped with modern amenities and this includes having good Wi-fi Connectivity as well. Charging stations are also very necessary as we cannot afford to be separated from our phones.

Capacity: The size of the venue has a direct impact on the success of your event and having a guest list comes in handy. If the banquet hall is too small then your employees will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Having a huge banquet hall is also not ideal as it will dwarf the occasion. Booking the banquet hall that is just right for the occasion becomes easy when you decide after taking a look at your guest list.

Ambience and Décor: The banquet hall you choose should be clean, modern and well cared for. You may choose to decorate the hall to suit the occasion or just go with the decorations it already comes with. In either case if the banquet hall is run down you won’t have much to work with. Choosing the right banquet hall will leave your guests with a positive impression especially when you are planning to conduct a high profile business event.

Location: The location of the banquet hall is very important and should not be overlooked. If you are getting a great banquet hall, at good prices with all the facilities but it is located on the outskirts of the town then your employees might find it difficult to travel to the location and end up skipping the event entirely. So, it is safe to say the location of the banquet hall can easily determine the success of your event. And your event is successful when all participants make it to the said event.

Budget: Last but not the least, let’s not forget about the costs of the banquet hall. Booking a banquet hall with all the amenities is a requirement. And striking a balance between the location, the amenities of the hall and the costs is very much a necessity. Never go for the cheapest deal. Compromising on the location or the amenities of the banquet hall is not an option either as it will lead to a poor turnout and it may not turn out to be a wise decision in the long run.  

The high five rule is a basic guide for booking a banquet hall and people routinely use it for booking a hall for professional events.


It goes without saying that the right banquet hall has a direct impact on the success of your corporate event. If you want to host any professional events and create a positive impression then booking the right banquet hall will sort everything out. Checking out the venue in person and discussing it with your staff and management helps you in choosing the right hall.

And if you are still unsure regarding how to go about it then the high five rule comes in handy as it details every important aspect a good banquet hall should have. Checking out the online reviews and looking at the testimonials will help you select your hall better. So, use the tips suggested above and book the best banquet hall to have a very successful corporate event.

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