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Not that long ago people would draw a blank when you asked them what they did for fun as there were not many options. But that is no longer the case. Now there are plenty of options and the one option that is becoming popular very fast is the nature stay near Bangalore.

Enjoying a stay in a nature resort is one of the best things you could do when it comes to rejuvenating yourself. Away from the city, here you can get peace of mind and the tranquility will give clarity to your thoughts.

Our lives have become so hectic and mundane living in the city. No wonder nature resorts are becoming quite popular. In the next section, we have discussed what we love about nature stay near Bangalore.

What we love about this Nature Stay near Bangalore

Cities are concrete jungles and this is a known fact. With the felling of trees for infrastructure planning sitting under the shade of a tree is well forgotten. It is so rare to experience the rustling of the trees, to hear the cooing of the cuckoo and smell the flowers in the morning.

Instead, we are greeted with inundating traffic, angry drivers and incessant honking that is sure to give you road rage. If you want to escape from pollution and high dust levels of the city, even for a day then you should check out nature resorts. Nature resorts bring you close to nature and they are located amidst green foliage making your escape from the city that much easier.

In the next section, we have discussed some of the best nature resorts near Bangalore that will showcase nature at her finest.

The Best nature stay resorts near Bangalore

We have listed some of the best nature resorts near Bangalore that are a must visit.

Bangalore Dream Resort: Located in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the Bangalore dream resort. Here you will get scenic views of the Nandi hills. The entire layout of the resort is designed to be eco-friendly and you will find many beautiful trees and well landscaped gardens in this resort making it all the more beautiful. If you are a nature lover then you must not miss visiting this resort.

Heritage Plantation Stay: This beautiful resort is nestled in coffee and spice plantations and is located on hillocks overlooking a scenic view of the hills. It has many tree houses that bring you very close to nature. The resort has a reservoir or a lake where you can enjoy coracle rides. Their spa is perfect for a massage and it helps you relax and unwind. This resort is for you if you are looking to travel solo or go with your partner for a romantic retreat.

Luxury Retreat in Madikeri: The most famous hill station in Karnataka Madikeri is also known for its Raja’s seat, a simple monument overlooking the picturesque forests and rice paddies. This beautiful hill station is framed by the Western Ghats and you can see nature here in all its splendor. The resort here has three different types of rooms to select from and each of them is styles in contemporary design. You can indulge in cozy and leisure activities in the lap of nature 

Village Stay in Junnasandra: We should first mention that this resort is pet friendly. So you can enjoy a wonderful stay with your family and we mean your entire family. The resort has a rustic feel complete with a rustic setting and décor. Here, you can enjoy the games of your childhood like lagori, gilli danda, etc. The resort also has facilities for basketball and volleyball. You can also gain rural experiences by milking cows and making pots. This resort is just the place for a fun family outing and it is very close to nature.

The Cassava Retreat: The Cassava Retreat is located near the art of living in Bangalore is one of those resorts that is surrounded by nature and pristine beauty. A pet friendly resort here you can enjoy a lot of fun activities with your family and friends. It has great hospitality and you can try out many adventure games like pipe bridge, Burma bridge, wood cross, zip line and many more.

Nature is beautiful and very soothing. It is good for our health to get away from all the digital toxicity and stay close to nature. The resorts listed above are a great way to do just that.


As we become more tech savvy and technologically advanced, the less time we spend with our loved ones in peace and tranquility. We are always bogged down by our schedules and hectic lives in the city. We hardly have time for ourselves and it feels like we are always functioning on autopilot.

To put an end to all this and reconnect with nature visit the resorts listed above and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Visiting nature resorts is a great way to escape the concrete jungles and the mundanity it brings. So, book a resort stay at the earliest and have a peaceful

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