Places to Visit in Karnataka During Monsoon

India experiences summer throughout most months of the year and that is why we Indians are enchanted with the rain. The rain or the monsoon season is synonymous with love and in many movies we show rain as the backdrop for a budding romantic story.

But is this just the reason or there is something more?  During Monsoon nature puts on her best show and the dense flora and fauna comes to life. Most plants start blooming and you can feel them enjoying the rains. This is when the Western Ghats in Karnataka becomes all the more beautiful making them popular tourist attractions.

Bangalore is a beautiful city located in the Deccan Plateau region of South India and is framed by the Western Ghats on the West. You can find many tourist places near this city. We are discussing the places to visit in Karnataka during monsoon.

Here are the top places to visit in Monsoon near Bangalore

We have listed the must visit places of Karnataka. So, let’s begin without further ado

Irupu Falls: These white falls are located in Coorg and are also known as Laxman Thirtha falls. These falls reach their full glory during the monsoon season and are a photographer’s haven. Coorg’s hidden treasure the Irupu falls are the tributary of the river Cauvery and offer a breathtaking view. 

Abbey Falls: These falls are located 8 kms from Madikeri and is the main monsoon attraction in Coorg. During the monsoon season the Kaveri river reaches her full strength and flows through this place creating these beautiful falls for all to behold and witness.

Rafting at Barapole River: If you are into adventure sports then river rafting is a great choice for you. Coorg becomes a haven for river rafters during the monsoon and the Barapole river is a wonderful place for river rafting. The river offers different levels from grade I to V making it the ultimate travel experience for nature enthusiasts.

Sightseeing in Kodachadri: Trekking is done throughout the year but trekking in monsoon has its own charm. During the monsoon season you get to see the Hidlumane falls while along the trek route. This place is declared a heritage site by the Karnataka Government and is 1343 meters above sea level. When you trek this hill you can also visit the famous Kollur Mookambika temple which is situated at the peak of these hills. The hills are a biodiversity hotspot and over here exotic endangered species of flora and fauna grow and thrive.

Sakleshpur- The Blissful Coffee County: One of the lesser known tourist destinations Sakleshpur is an offbeat hill station that has abundant greenery. The monsoon brings out its beauty and charm making it a perfect getaway for any nature lover. This quaint place is located about 240 kms from Bangalore and is the place for trekking enthusiasts and nature photographers.

A spectacular drive to Chikmagalur: The list of must visit places during monsoon is never complete without including Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is not only known for its tea and coffee plantation, but it is also a beautiful hill station that routinely attracts tourists and visitors. The monsoon makes this beautiful place thrive with natural beauty and you can get to enjoy a scenic drive over here. Mullayanagiri is Karnataka’s highest peak and it is located in Chikmagalur.

Hampi: The first thing that comes to people’s mind when the name Hampi is uttered is ‘heritage site’. And this is natural as Hampi is the site of the famous Vijayanagara empire. It is not only a historical site but it is also a town with a lot of greenery. Situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, Monsoon is the perfect time to visit this place as the rain cools the site bringing the temperature down and making it easier for travelers to explore this place. So visit this place during the monsoon season and witness history unfold before your eyes.

The places listed above are not exhaustive and Karnataka truly comes to life in the rainy season.


The monsoon season is the season that showcases nature in her full glory. The rains bring relief from the scorching heat and the temperature drops giving relief to one and all. During this time the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats come to life making the hills even more green and beautiful. Karnataka turns into a tourist hotspot with its numerous hill stations.

If you want to explore nature and indulge the nature bug inside you then these are the places you must visit during Monsoon. Looking at nature in all her splendor will certainly not disappoint you and you will be in awe of the beauty instead. So, go ahead and plan properly so that  you can explore these places well and have some interesting stories to tell.

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