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An office is a workspace where employees come from different backgrounds and work to achieve the organization’s goals. Though there is unity in diversity, running an office with people from different backgrounds can be quite challenging. Having them on the same page is very important as precious business time is wasted on arguments and confrontations.

That is why team outings or corporate outings are so important. It helps your employees cooperate with each other better. If you are scouting for a place that can help your employees work together effectively then you need to visit our resort Bangalore Dream Resort. Our resort is considered one of the best resorts for office outings in Bangalore.

But before we delve into why Bangalore Dream Resort for our corporate outings let’s first look at how to make company outings fun outings.

How to make company outings fun team outings?

Corporate outings are also considered as company events and it needs to be successful for your workforce to benefit from it. If it is not well planned then there are high chances of it not helping your employees and it will create a bad memory for them and they won’t look forward to any company events in the future.

We have discussed the 5 Ws of successful planning that will make sure that your team outing is inclusive and memorable for everyone involved.

The Who: You need to create a team outing that is filled with activities that are suitable for everyone. Then define the guidelines properly so that there is no room for confusion. Deciding who will come, and how many departments you can take at a time is very crucial. It is necessary to make all your employees feel included irrespective of the department they work in.

The When: Once you have the guest list finalized you need to look at the calendar and select a weekend when most of your employees are free. Make sure that the majority of your workforce hasn’t taken leave on that day and inform your staff accordingly. Scheduling is the next big step and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The What: The activities you plan in a team outing is very important. All the activities need to be relevant, fun and appropriate for the occasion. You need to take into account the ability and age of your workforce when deciding the activities for them. You wouldn’t want any of your employees to feel excluded and uncomfortable. If that becomes the case then it defeats the purpose of a corporate outing.

The Where: This is very important as you need to choose a venue that has activities and facilities for people of all age groups. If you want your employees to participate in team building exercises then you need to find a venue or resort that offers those services to all people without any restrictions. At Bangalore Dream resort you will find all kinds of team building activities for everyone irrespective of their age group or gender. We are also very flexible and accommodating when it comes to catering to your requests.

The Why: The why is very important as it is the reason behind why you are conducting this event in the first place. Corporate events have proven benefits and from startups to established companies everyone is doing them. In the next section, we have discussed the benefits you reap by conducting corporate outings and team outings regularly.

Corporate outings are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Corporate outings help your employees network better and they get to know their colleagues better. This improves their cooperation and they behave more like a team
  • It also boosts their morale which has a direct positive impact on their productivity
  • These team building activities encourage them to communicate better. Even your most reserved and shy employees get a chance to speak and express themselves. This brings in more valuable inputs to the table.
  • Team building activities also give your employees the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents. If someone from HR is also a good orator who can speak convincingly then they might be a good fit as a recruiter instead of just working in payroll.
  • These activities are a good break from monotony and it gets their creative juices flowing, prompting them to think better and come up with out of the box solutions
  • If you have new team members joining then these events certainly act as an ice breaker.

At Bangalore Dream Resort you can reap all these benefits by regularly having your corporate outings here. We have fun activities for all age groups and there is something for everyone. Our event planners and trainers can design effective team building exercises that will entertain your workforce thoroughly. It will also teach them valuable skills. From adventure activities to team building exercises your employees can try their hand at all the services we have to offer.


You will not regret planning your company’s next outing at Bangalore Dream Resort. Here we have various types of activities that everyone can enjoy. We are an inclusive resort with many indoor and outdoor games. Our event planners and trainers are very flexible and will design the team outing keeping your specifications in mind. So, book our resort at the earliest and have a fun filled corporate outing with your employees.

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