Super Exciting and Mind-Blowing River Rafting Experiences near Bangalore

River rafting is a thrilling and adventurous outdoor activity where an inflated raft is used to navigate a river or any other water body. This popular sport involves individuals paddling double padded paddles to steer the raft along the course of the river.

In Bangalore too this sport is fast catching up in popularity and many people are taking it up. Many rafting competitions are held regularly and the team that reaches the destination first wins the race. There are many places that offer river adventures in Bangalore and we have listed some of the famous spots in Karnataka.

The best places to go river rafting in Karnataka:

Karnataka is a beautiful state located in South India that has the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau as part of its natural terrain. This natural landscape gives plenty of opportunities for adventure sports like river rafting. We have listed some of the best place for river rafting below:

Bheemeshwari: The famous Cauvery river flows across this terrain creating deep twists and turns along the way. This place offers plenty of opportunity for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies to go river rafting. The 8 km course of river rafting will keep you skiing for more. Bheemeshwari is only 120 kms away from Bangalore.

Dandeli: Dandeli is a hub for a lot of adventurous sports and routinely attracts tourists. Here you can go river rafting on a 10 km long course. The Kali river flows in this area creating the perfect course with class 3 rapids for river rafting. The river is surrounded by a dense and flourishing birdlife as well, making the view all the more spectacular. Dandeli is 462 kms away from Bangalore.

Coorg: Coorg is considered Karnataka’s best white water rafting destination. It is also an ideal place for other nature activities like trekking and bird watching, and you will find amazing sites for camping as well. The Kithu Kakathu river here provides class 4 rapids for river rafting and is preferred by seasoned river rafters. The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is 260 kms.

Kabini: Kabini is only a 4 hour drive away from Bangalore and it offers the most scenic spot for nature lovers. You will find the most alluring natural scenery and you can get your adrenaline pumped by river rafting on the serene Kabini river. The Kabini river is preferred by both amateurs and experienced river rafters. Kabini is only 220 kms away from Bangalore.

Chikmagalur: Chikmagalur is one of the most charming places in Karnataka and is a total treat for nature and adventure lovers alike. River rafting on the river Bhadra is an out of the world experience as it moderately challenges you making it all the more refreshing. This place is 240 kms away from Bangalore and the best time to visit would be in the months of June to October.

These are some of the best places to go for river rafting. Do make sure you are aware of all the safety protocols and procedures before attempting any kind of adventurous sport.


Karnataka is a state that is blessed with abundant nature making it a hotspot for many adventure sports. River rafting is one such sport where people navigate the rough terrains of the river in a raft. It is a team sport that challenges you both physically and mentally and makes you cooperate better with your fellow rafters. So, if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature and challenge yourself at the same time then do visit these places and check out this adventure sport for yourself.

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