Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Bangalore

All weddings are special as it marks the union of two people amidst their family, friends and loved ones. In every culture and tradition a wedding is a grand affair as it commemorates the beginning of a new chapter in life. To make this occasion all the more exceptional, choosing the right venue plays an important role.

Choosing a wedding venue depends on so many factors, and if the wedding has a theme then choosing the right venue becomes all the more crucial. In the next section, we have discussed some important pointers that will help you select a good wedding venue irrespective of the wedding theme.

Choosing a Wedding Venue in Bangalore

Bangalore has many wedding halls and resorts where you can have the wedding of your choice. But all these options only serve to make the selection of the wedding venue that much overwhelming. That is why having a guide is essential as it helps you narrow down your choices. 

The reception hall or the wedding hall is important and the size of this hall makes all the difference. You need to look into the size and capacity of the hall. Booking a hall that can accommodate 500 guests when you are only inviting 50 will make the hall look big and it will dwarf the occasion.

Cramming 300 guests into a hall that can accommodate only 100 won’t look good either. This is when having a guest list comes in handy. So, pick a venue or hall that can legally and comfortably accommodate all your guests. 

In the next section, we have discussed ways to avoid clashes with the wedding venue of your choice.

Is there any other wedding party scheduled at the same time in the adjacent hall/garden?

Usually when a bride and groom decide to marry, an auspicious wedding date is selected. For this date the search for a wedding venue begins. Keeping this chronology in mind when you finalize on a wedding venue you should make sure that there is no other wedding party scheduled in the adjacent hall at the same time. 

If two unrelated weddings are scheduled next to each other this causes a lot of confusion amongst your guests and it will hamper your privacy too. Many times your guests might end up attending the wrong wedding and you certainly don’t want that to happen. If you are having the wedding at a hotel or club make sure there are no other weddings scheduled on the same day or ask the hotel staff to make it easy for the guests to distinguish between the two functions happening on the same day.

In the next section, let’s discuss the importance of having complimentary space/ room when you book the venue.

Do they provide any complimentary space/room when you book the venue?

A wedding is a grand affair with many back to back ceremonies happening on the same day. This can get very tiring for your guests and they would prefer to rest and get ready for the next function. Having complimentary space or room is an advantage as your guests can recuperate there before attending the next ceremony.

People book a hall or a wedding venue based on the amenities it has to offer. It is one of the most important factors and can easily make you decide if you want to book the hall. Let’s discuss the amenities you need to focus on in the next section.

What are the amenities available at the venue?

A wedding venue or a hall is as good as its amenities. If the hall has good tech support for lighting, music and AV equipment then this means that you can broadcast the wedding to your guests over many TV screens so that they can get a better look and not miss any of the important ceremonies.

The lighting can change the ambience of the venue and can be used accordingly to change the atmosphere for different ceremonies. Having good acoustics is very much a necessity and your guests will appreciate the crisp and clear audio of the ceremonies.

Parking is very important as nowadays everyone has a car and that is how they will  commute to your wedding. So make sure your wedding venue has ample parking space so that your guests don’t end up parking on the road, clogging the traffic.

Lets not forget the food. It is said that people might forget your wedding over the years but they will never forget the taste of the food. Wedding food is considered lavish and is the hallmark of any marriage. So, it goes without saying that your catering has to be top class. So, from the menu to the way the food is served everything needs to be planned thoroughly. 

Make sure the venue has big kitchens so that the catering company can easily set up and start cooking. If you are having the wedding in a resort make sure they have top notch catering services.

In the next section, we have discussed another important factor that often gets overlooked.

Are there any construction or landscape changes planned at the venue ahead of your wedding?

This is important and often gets overlooked. If there are any landscape changes to your wedding venue on the wedding day then it becomes difficult for your guests to attend the function. So, make sure such plans don’t coincide with your wedding date.

A marriage is a union of two people and their families and it is an occasion celebrated with great pomp and joy. To have a smooth wedding where the focus is on the ceremonies and the bride and groom it is very important to plan properly and execute accordingly. We hope this guide helps you in selecting a good wedding venue.

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